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6 Human Needs

Have you heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Here's another take on this idea. There are 6 human needs that humans require in life. 

1. Certainty - You need to be certain you know where your next meal comes from, that your spouse loves you, that you'll do your morning routine every morning. You have to be certain of some things in life. 

2. Uncertainty (variety) - Why do crave variety? We're looking for that unknown, that change, that new stimulus. We're looking for that that unknown moment. Variety is the spice of life. Isn't that what makes life, life? That fact that you could walking down the street and meet the person who will change your life forever is what we live for.

3. Significance - We spend more money in this category than on any other thing in our lives. This is because you will spend money to feel imporant, unique, valued and special. Why buy a luxury car when you can get a commuter? It's because you can and it makes you feel worthy. Why does your neighbor ride his bike to work instead of drive? It's because helping the environment and his body might be what gives him value. Signifance is value and how you accept this and portray this in your life. 

4. Love and Connection - We all need love, but many settle for connection. You can have a connection with someone you meet at starbucks or you can even treat people you should love like a connection. This is because love has consquences. You can get hurt with love and that's scary. Never pass up the chance for love over a connection.

5. Growth - Growth is crucial for moving forward. This can be personal, business, or growth in a relationship. If we stand still too long we become complacent and bored. Progressing will keeping you from falling behind, developing drepression, and just living a life you don't want. Nurture the things you love and care about and make it your passion.

6. Contribution - Humans need others, we know this from our strong desire for love and connection. Love isn't just about receiving. It's a two way street and giving to others is as equally rewarding. The more you give, the more you receive. People will appreciate your kindness and thoughtfullness. 

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